Perugia and Rome

After spending the night in Prosecco country and managing to fight the temptation to partake we had a fairly long haul down to Perugia to meet with our new adventurers for the week, Annabel and Matt. Luckily we had a nice Italian BlaBla passenger to keep us entertained on the way.

At the top of Perugia

Basilica di San Domenico, Perugia

Once we’d found somewhere kind of decent to park up for a few days we headed straight up the hill in search of some long awaited Pizza! Thankfully A&M had done some scouting that day so it didn’t take long to find somewhere! Perugia is a lovely old hill town with lots of narrow winding alleys, steps and a couple of quirky monuments to check out, including underground streets and a very fine well (kid you not!).



The following day after some train….adventures….we managed to make it to Assisi home of St Francis (and more Pizza). Next up was a spin to Roma in Rusticus which was a bit of an experience for A&M I think. The van was top notch of course, it’s more the charming Italian drivers that provide the memorable moments :-S

The trip to Rome!

The four of us spent the next couple days ticking off all the tourist boxes in Rome. St Peters & the Sistine Chapel, Pizza, the Colosseum & Palatino, Pasta, the Pope, Pizza, and spent some fun evenings getting the boardgames out with a few glasses of Italian red! We were spoilt by our guests, we owe you one guys!

Our home, via Dublino

Trevie not impressed by Trevi fountain.



Cathy rocking the statue pose

Ye olde Roman Forum

Some more chuffed by the Pope than others...

Two Months in the Zillertal

We’re back! And not only that we (that’s three of us including Rusticus just about) survived the winter!


That’s not to say it wasn’t a bit hairy…it was the coldest January in Austria for 30 years and -17 outside = frost on the back doors of the van beside our bed! Still cold weather means good snow so Trev sucked it up and found ways to make it up to Cathy…mainly Gluhwein and chocolate!

Cathy's best friend

We were also lucky enough to have a good few guests to keep us entertained, share their warm apartments and bring some snow. Thanks to everyone who made the effort, sure you all had a great time! Every time we had guests we had powder days which is an impressive record given the winter was pretty dry overall. This was unfortunate for ‘Betty the snowboard’ the off-piste was full of rocks and now she has a lot of scars.

We haven’t been great at taking pics, especially at the beginning (we’ve stolen a few from Facebook) we did take a few videos though haha!…

It’s a bit like being in a bubble living in a ski resort, the punters come and go and you’re still there. The daily routine was something like; wake up, look out the window, decide whether it’s worth getting the train or whether it’s just a few laps of the local slopes, come home, eat dinner, do some work and do it all again the day after.

The boys... before falling down Harakiri

Trev rocking some pink skis/looking like a creep!

Cathy Even Tried Snowboarding

Penken on a moody day

Of course the Austrian Apres ski is legendary so it would have been rude not to partake in a bit of that, by the end we were getting a few funny looks in the Pilzbar as we could beat the intro on every song. In a way it was lucky that our campsite was a bit dull, mostly a retirement village for odd German couples, so we could get some work done in the evenings and not completely blow the budget.

Happy Birthday Mum

Besides our visitors and having the chance to get super fit, other highlights were; a couple trips out of the valley (not as many as we should have) to Innsbruck and Soll; celebrating pancake day twice, don’t ask; watching the Freeride World Qualifier in Hochfugen, tonnes of Tiroller Grostls, Schnitzels, Strudels, hot chocolates and all the other good mountain grub!

Innsbruck, the coolest city in Europe (according to Trev)!

Alas, all good things have to come to an end but on the bright side we have had a few more weeks in the land of Gelato and Pizza and a visit from Annabel and Matt to look forward to (yes we’re a bit behind on our blogging!). We headed to Italy via Lienz in Ost Tirol, and managed to squeeze a couple more resorts in before having to pack the gear away and a few nights in a hotel with a sauna to celebrate our 6 month anniversary and cure our aching muscles!

On the road again

Hanging with the Grossglockner

The Honeymoon Suite!

Lienz Castle