Windows & Rooflights

Not wanting to Old Rusty to look too ‘camperish’ we’ve kept the windows to a minimum, just two at the front so we could pass off as a crew-cab van.

The windows were cut out (delicately!) and Sikaflexed and bolted into place.

Ventilation and light for the bathroom, kitchen and sleeping area are all provided by Fiamma roof lights.

The roof of the van is ridged which posed a bit of a problem in fitting the roof lights. I cut a template of 12mm ply to go around either side of the opening and clamped and glued this in place.

The roof lights were then glued in place using Sikaflex EBT. It took a couple of goes and probably 3 tubes of Sikaflex to get these properly waterproof, a bit of a struggle. Definitely important to use high quality sealant here and Sikaflex does what it says on the tin.

Fixing Rust

We christened our van ‘Old Rusty’ which says it all really. She was is suffering from a fair bit of rust, apparently Sprinters are notorious for having poor bodywork.

In order to tackle this I’ve spent a lot of time:
1. Attacking the rust patches with a wire brush on my battery drill.
2. Painting over a few coats of Metalmorphisis (
3. Filling and sanding the holes, including some that had gone all the way through the bodywork.
4. Priming and spraying with some custom matching paint from Car Colour Solutions in Romford.

I’ve also decided to treat all the body work from bumper level and below with bitumen underbody spray in the hope this will be a bit tougher and as it’s black a bit easier to repair when the rust inevitably returns!

Pictures to follow.