Latest Photos of Old Rusty

Finally some photos of the complete & occupied interior, but firstly looking shiny with a tasty background!






We’ve put a whole load more progress photos on iCloud



Heating System

I did loads of research into heating systems. We’ve ended up with a bit of a complex arrangement based on the sort heating system we’re planning for our house.

The heat source will be a Webasto Diesel Fuel Burning heater supplied directly from the main tank. There are three main reasons we ended up with this option:
1) Webasto’s are cheap! These can be found on ebay second hand from a number of older diesel cars. Unfortunately there are quite an array of these, the newer ones tend to have specialised PCB systems, expect odd inputs from the car’s computer etc therefore it’s best to stick to older models. If you can get your hands on a Rover version there’s loads of information online re: how to get it up and running.
2) We’ve got Diesel on board. Burning diesel for heating and hot water means we’ll only have to carry around a small amount of gas for cooking.
3) Using a wet central heating system means we can have underfloor + stored hot water for washing + a fan convector. However it does have the drawback of having to cart a whole load of water around.

More detail and pictures to follow…