North West Italy

We spent our first night in Italy just over the border… before heading over the tail end of the Alps and into the flatness and fogginess of the Po valley.

Our first evening in Milan we had the pleasure of some local hosts in the form of Valentina and Giuseppe who treated us to some great food and a private guided tour of Milan, including introducing us to the pleasures of Eataly gelato! Thanks for a great welcome to Italy guys (sorry we forgot to get a decent group photo)!


Managed one photo with our hosts, kind of!


Christmas lights in the galleria


Sforza Castle


Milanese philosophy?

After re-visiting Milan by daylight we headed towards lake Maggiore for a bit of fresh air and some great mountain scenery. Our quick afternoon stroll turned a bit extreme, especially seeing as we were wearing trainers + UGG boots but it was worth it for a great sunset.


Sunset over Maggiore

Next up was Turin. We expected great views of the Alps around every corner but it turns out there’s a lot more to the city than this. Cool arcaded streets, a really nice walkway along the Po (complete with evidence of flooding from a few weeks ago), grand squares and avenues and an awesome Christmas tree! Things are starting to feel very festive…


Cathy getting super excited about a winter in the snow? Hmmm...


Awesome Christmas tree

It was definitely starting to get pretty cold at night, a good reality check before Mayrhofen but luckily we have a few weeks to go before then so we made a hasty retreat to the seaside, via wine country.


Piemonte wine country

After quite a lot of eating and drinking in the last couple of weeks, the crazy landscapes of the Parco Portofino and Cinque Terre provided a good opportunity to burn some calories and try and build up some ski fitness. The first day at Portofino we semi-accidentally got stuck on a crazy trail up and over what felt like a million valleys all the way around the headland, fortunately, when we tackled Cinque Terre with slightly dodgy legs the day after we could make a hasty retreat on the train to the comfort of a bar and an Aperol Spritz. Still…the views are awesome.


The many, many, headlands of Portofino


Cinque Terre




Aperol Spritz #1 of ....


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    I have always wanted to go to Portfino, lovely to read a little more about it! Enjoy guys! Fantastic trip!

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