Porto & the Minho

Plummer Week 1

After some … slight delays … Cathy’s Mum and Dad made it to Porto to visit us for the week so we had the luxury of staying in a villa beside the Minho with full length beds rather than kipping in Rusticus Maximus.


The view across to Spain was pretty impressive.

The pool was a little nippy so we had to get out and about instead. With Trev acting as chauffeur we visited Viana de Castelo which has a crazy churchy thing on top of a hill overlooking the town. It was hot, so hot that Cathy decided to have a surf (yes you read that correctly – evidence below).


The whole statue thing seems to run in the family....


The view over Viana do Castello


Yes she surfed!!

We also hit up Braga, religious capital of Northern Portugal, home of Bom Jesus do Monte, another church on top of a hill. This time there is 1000+ steps leading up to it with little mini-chapels for each of the stations of the cross, cooler than it sounds, honestly. Guimaraes the first capital of Portugal is nearby so we managed a quick wizz round there to check out the castle and the old town. Not only that, Mike got to try his first Francesinha (and Trev’s second… no more!)


Bom Jesus - Bom Diggity


Guimaraes Castle


Francesinha #1

Finally there was Porto, walked up a lot of hills and…drank port, we felt like we’d earned it!


Jameson Trams!


Ponte Luis


One (the only) rainy day in Porto

Porto is a really cool city and we would definitely recommend Northern Portugal in general, good weather even in the end of October, hardly any tourists, cheap beer and of course (NB for Trev) good, uncrowded waves! Hope the Plums had a good time we certainly enjoyed cruising around with them in Rusticus and having lots of dinners bought for us…that’s not to say we didn’t do some entertaining of our own… Happy Birthday Janet!


Sidre pouring...fail


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