And the Rest of North West Spain…

Firstly let’s get this out of the way, for those of you who don’t have Instagram, Trev has decided to switch up the haircut….we were aiming for a Kelly Slater look but maybe it’s more of a Ray D’Arcy, or a Martin Sherwood or even an Alan Tanner… either way it’s lighter and dries quicker so it’s worked out alright so far!


Hair style by Cathy, modelled by Trev

After taking our time for a week we had to up the pace slightly which became a bit of a parade of cities so here’s a quick best of, bear with us. First stop was a very brief one in Santander before heading on to a campsite by the beach for a few days.


Trev tested out the waves in Playa De Gerra

After all that time at sea level we decided to head to the mountains, the Picos de Europa, and stumbled upon this crazy monastery at Covadonga after driving to 1100m to look at some fog (see below). From there we hit Oviedo for some of the famous Sidre, poured from above head height and downed as soon as you’re handed it. Next was Leon which has a cool old town and some Roman walls and then finally on to Santiago de Compostella which was… full of pilgrims I guess… quite touristy!


The crazy monastery!


A tiny church near the monastery (on top of a water fall!)


Pouring Sidre... we'd be just as chuffed if we could do that!


Santa Maria de Leon Cathedral


Having a stare off...


Trev's now getting in on the action!


Blinging statue of St James (and scaffolding!), Santiago de Compostela Cathedral,

Basically we’d completed the Camino by this stage but it doesn’t count if you drive apparently…. The real hero of the week was Rusticus Maximus who did a lot of hill climbing to firstly up some fairly hairy roads to 1100m at lake co, 1378. We thought she should have got something at Santiago de Compostela…but the authorities didn’t seem to agree.


Only a little big of fog - we've been missing the Big Smoke!


Rusticus at 1378 metres high!

Finally we made it back to the beach and managed to spend a night camped out with the waves on our doorstep, finally ticking off something we’d always talked about. The sunset was spectacular even if the noise of the waves got a bit old when we were trying to get to sleep!


Last Spanish sunset for a few weeks...

This week is Plummer Week part 1. We’re based in a villa beside the river Minho at the top of Portugal….pretty sweet!

The Basque Country

We were kind of sad to dismantle our little surf camp (definitely recommend the Camping Municipal in Capbreton!) as the finals of the contest still hadn’t run we decided to stick around for one more night. Happily we found a nice car park and discovered a little community of free-campers to take the edge off the cold, van showers!


Cath warming up in the sun post-shower...

After waiting around (aka. surfing) for another day and a bit we decided to we’d better make tracks but not before sampling the awesome buffet at Le Surfing by Estagnots beach.

Our next stop was San Sebastian (or Donostia depending on your persuasion) for some Pinxtos (tapas), Rioja and a bit of an explore, a pretty cool city sort of like how we imagine Rio to be with beach + hills and a mini Christ the Redeemer!


Zurriola Beach - San Seb's surf spot


Mini Rio?


The old town


Plaza de la Constitución


Used to be a bull ring...


Cool tunnel jobbie


Cathy + some queen or other


Random theme park at the top of the funicular.


Amazing pastry things


Pinxtos! Yum!


From there we headed on to Bilbao which is a bit of a contrast, an old steel city (bit like ‘oop North’) that has had a tonne of money spent on the city centre but not so much on the outskirts. Of course we saw the Guggenheim complete with a steel spider almost as big as the one Cath found in the van the other day (!) and of course there was more Pinxtos as well as a random British stag party in a funny little cocktail bar we came across…


The Guggenheim and more importantly the SPIDER!!! ARGH!


Ummm... what can I say?


Shiny ball... YAY!


Bilbo bus... next stop Hobbiton


Funky umbrella clothes dryers


Possibly the weirdest stag party ever...

Unfortunately the weather hasn’t been the best and we’re not sure whether it was that or the fact that they really want their independence but the Basque people seemed to be a bit grumpy lol! We decided we’d write them a whole post on the Basque Country to try and cheer them up!

If anyone’s interested we’ve finally uploaded those final photos of the van we promised to here…